• Athena DeVonne

NEW Service

Hello!!! We are the Creators of Coalesce Custom Services!!!! A division of Coalesce Creations Weddings & Events.

Athena - CEO, Marketer, and Client Manager Teon - CFO, Craftsman, and designer Together we run Coalesce Custom Services. He gets covered in sawdust and I get covered in paint and stain (if I'm lucky some glitter).

You need it, we build it. You envision it, we create it.

We build based on your desires and can make for sale or rent!!

Just for some ideas:

- Farm Tables or any kind of table - Backdrops - Vendor Booth Structures - Donut Walls - Bars - Champagne Walls - Chalkboard Walls - Coffee Tables and end tables - Room Dividers - Hedge Walls - Dessert carts and bars - Pegboard Walls - Large Marquee Letters - Letter tables - AND SO MUCH MORE

You ask... we deliver!!! We are looking forward to serving the DFW area. We are also available in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio to build custom designs for SALE.

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Tel: 469-213-1320

Office: 469-770-0866


Paul Revere Way, McKinney TX 75072