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Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin #askjbolin Bootcamp

Updated: May 31, 2019

We had the opportunity to create the vision J. Bolin had for his newly formatted #AskJBolin Fashion Bootcamp in Dallas, TX. He contacted us just about 1 week before his event initially asking for the paper flowers walls to be displayed on the venues back brick wall (venue: Kauwuane Burton Studios).

After a few conversations we were also asked to bring his vision to life for his tablescape. He wanted a natural look, with greenery, white flowers, candles and a modern twist to displaying fashion. Take a look at the end result we came up with.

J Bolin said "Coalesce Creations created my vision, more than my vision, it's beautiful and I thank them".

We enjoyed the result of completing this challenge of getting ait ll done in just a few days. Take a look around and see what we came up with. Then contact us to let us know what we can create for you!

First let me introduce two vendors who were also part of the fabulous event:

Simply Paush Events who created the Donut Bar and Mimosa Bar

Chef Jared Pierre who provided amazingly delicious lite bites

Now on to the event itself! The J. Bolin Fashion Bootcamp is your opportunity to learn the tools of the trade that help you build your own successful styling business. This is a full day course that will be a one stop shop to learn business skills, snag some expert styling tips and leave feeling inspired. For more information on the upcoming events visit #AskJBolin Website.

Design Elements

Event Shots

Thank you to J. Bolin and his team, for allowing us to be a part of your Fashion Bootcamp experience!

Wait wait wait ... let's not forget the selfies / usies / and behind the scenes shots (cellphone photos basically).

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