We are Monty and Athena DeVonne, the Owners and creators of Coalesce Custom Services!! We are a power couple team and together we design, create and build. He gets covered in sawdust (his version of glitter) and I get covered in paint and stain (if I'm lucky some glitter). 


Monty is the genius behind the builds while I, Athena DeVonne, am the connection between our clients and Monty. We work together so well and seamlessly because we allow each other to work in our strengths.

We custom build based on your desires and can make for sale or rent in the Dallas, TX area! You ask... we deliver.  We are also available to deliver to Austin, Houston, and San Antonio for custom designs for SALE.  Show us your inspiration pieces and we will take that and create a unique twist and one of a kind piece just for you.

Monty has a passion for working with his hands and turning a sketch into a piece of art for someone to enjoy. I have a heart for customization and design. With Montys' carpentry skills and my design eye, our creations are truly special for each and every client we meet. 

We work with wood and metal. Our creations can be found in homes, office buildings, wedding & event venues, churches and more!! We love a challenge so bring it our way!


Take a look at projects we have completed for our clients.  From event and weddings backdrops, dining room tables, room dividers, life-size frames and more. Bring us your idea and inspiration photo and we will create a custom sketch just for you!


Catch us shopping in Lowes, Home Depot and other hardware stores. Or see us at working cutting, sanding, screwing and hammering in the workshop. Who knows you might catch Monty covered in sawdust, or Athena trying to help (when she really just needs to get out of the way).

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Along the way of working on projects, we come across questions and experiences we feel would be great to share.  This is our version of frequent questions and answers.  This would be great information to know as you are deciding to work with us.